Investment philosophy

While financial markets are broadly efficient, Redpoint believes opportunities to add value above benchmarks frequently appear. These opportunities occur due to the way investors react, and often over-react, to the uncertainty of financial markets.

Knowing that no one investment approach is consistently rewarded, Redpoint uses a range of disciplines to identify investment opportunities. The approach to stock selection manifests over various timeframes (from long to short horizons) and across different styles (from value to quality to growth to momentum). Having multiple approaches applied to Australian and Global equity portfolios requires expert data collection and processing.

As a UNPRI signatory, Redpoint’s approach also considers economic, environmental, social and corporate governance (EESG) factors as drivers of longterm value add.

Our investment philosophy is underpinned by:

>   stock selection methods, founded on traditional economic and investment insights

>   a quantitative approach which distils Redpoint’s multiple investment insights into specific portfolio actions ensuring speed and consistency in decision making, and

>   portfolio manager oversight of portfolio construction and implementation to ensure that return, risk and costs are always properly considered.

Our aim is to deliver greater diversification, flexibility and more consistent outcomes.