Returns. Responsibility. Purpose.

Redpoint is a listed equities fund manager. Central to our investment philosophy is a drive to produce superior returns, within a responsible investing framework with the key goal of investing for retirement in mind.


We use a quantitative approach to investing which allows us to look at stocks from multiple perspectives enabling us to have a range of investment views on every stock each day. We use these insights to create diversified, risk managed, core investment solutions for our clients. Our aim is to be a partner of choice for equity investment solutions which meet our client’s evolving needs.

Investment Solutions

Redpoint offers a variety of strategies that aim to achieve a specific objective and solve an investment problem. Our investment capabilities cover Australian and global equities as well as listed infrastructure and listed real estate securities.

Individual Investor / Advisor

Our retail offering consists of three strategies that provide investors with tax efficient Australian Equity solutions that span the entire investing life cycle from wealth accumulation to savings to retirement income and legacy investing. For more information click on the links below.


Institutional investor demand for strategies which satisfy multiple objectives is on the rise.  Investment portfolios are increasingly required to incorporate alpha (stock selection for outperformance), risk, responsibility (social and climate) as well as governance considerations.  In Australia, the Your Future Your Super performance benchmarking regime brings higher focus on tracking error while other investment drivers remain desirable as well.

Redpoint’s investment approach is well suited to providing solutions for multiple objective investment demands. Our disciplined, diversified global capabilities allow us to trade off many different & evolving pieces of information to build well-structured portfolios each with a range of different investment drivers all acting together.

We offer core investment solutions that meet one or several objectives for Australian, global and listed real assets. Our flexible quantitative approach allows us to customise our strategies to the specific requirements of each client.

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