About Us


Our investment philosophy is based on the principle that assets are mispriced by investors and that no one investment discipline is consistently rewarded over time.  

Markets are constantly evolving with economic cycles, geopolitical events, technology, trends and demographics making increasingly large volumes of information available in real-time. Human behavioural biases coupled with an inability to process the masses of evolving information leads to assets being mispriced.  Redpoint believes that this mispricing is pervasive and can be forecast via a disciplined, research-based investment approach. We identify this mispricing by utilising a diversified quantitative approach.

At Redpoint, we build portfolios to deliver on the multiple requirements desired by investors in a single efficiently implemented portfolio. Investors frequently want portfolios that deliver against multiple outcomes such as economic returns, income needs, financial risks, trading & taxation costs and the desire for societal returns. Our commitment to continuous research and improvement ensures that we maintain a proprietary edge that allows us to be responsive to the changing investment landscape and the changing needs of our clients.

Our edge as a quantitative manager, is to understand and trade off multiple evolving pieces of information & build diversified portfolios with distinct investment drivers acting together.

Redpoint: Returns. Responsibility. Purpose.