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Responsible Investing Solutions

The task of integrating Responsible Investing considerations into an exposure that also needs to consider return and risk objectives is a critical challenge for investment teams. Investors hold their own set of ethical principles and aim to include or exclude specific categories of securities from their investment portfolios. Adding risk criteria against specific benchmarks such as the Your Future Your Super performance benchmarks or additional alpha components make this process even more complicated.

The challenge with portfolios that target RI objectives is that the ability to add alpha is reduced because the risk budget is often used up by the RI objectives.  

This challenge is more efficiently captured within a single portfolio that balances the risk, return and responsible investment objectives in a controlled manner, rather than as a number of separately managed individual portfolios targeting a single objective in isolation.

Redpoint have been incorporating responsible investing considerations into our portfolios since the company was formed in 2011. Our responsible Investing solutions place an emphasis on the RI objective with a view to providing a core portfolio that also balances risk and return objectives.

Relative Importance of Investment Objectives for Responsible Investment Solutions

Responsible investing can mean different things to different investors. Redpoint’s extensive data, research and established framework allows us to offer several responsible investing approaches.  

SRI Exclusions aim to avoid investment in contentious industries such as fossil fuels, gambling, tobacco and armaments.

Tilting portfolios towards companies that score well on Environmental, Social and Government (ESG) metrics or away from high carbon emitters are other potential methodologies.

Finally, impact portfolios which invest purely in companies that aim to make a positive contribution whilst still achieving risk and return objectives are now available.    

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