Redpoint Australian Equity Income Fund

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Redpoint Australian Equity Income Fund

Strategy Facts


To provide an annual gross yield (including franking credits) that exceeds the gross yield of the benchmark after fees.


S&P/ASX200 Accumulation Index

Invested In

Australian Equities

Active Risk



150-250% pa one way

Management Fee

0.65% pa

BUY Sell Spread

+0.15% / -0.15%

Minimum Investments

$25,000 Initial, $5,000 Additional



Inception Date

19th April 2021

Distribution Frequency


How to Invest

GSFM is the responsible entity for the Redpoint Australian Equity Income Fund. The below link will direct you to the GSFM website which displays further information on the fund and application information.

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The Redpoint Australian Equity Income Fund seeks to capture above average dividend income and associated franking credits by investing in a selection of diversified Australian Equities.

Redpoint combines the objectives of higher income and capital growth through stock selection in one risk managed portfolio, resulting in several benefits

  • Managed with a focus on after tax income and aimed at providing a higher dividend yield from investing in Australian equities.
  • Combines a range of stock selection insights, including future dividend expectations to provide a more robust capture of income.  
  • Takes advantage of Redpoint’s portfolio construction capabilities which combine income and stock selection insights within one diversified, actively managed portfolio.
  • ESG informed – Environmental, Social and Governance considerations are explicitly integrated into the fund’s investment process.

The strategy is best suited to zero or low tax rate payers seeking to earn higher than average income (dividend yield and associated franking credits) from their Australian equity investments, making it an appropriate investment to consider for retirement portfolios.

To find out why a combination of stock selection strategies and forward-looking dividend forecasts are best suited to an income strategy and a more detailed look at the overall approach employed by Redpoint, please see the insights section below.


June 30, 2022

1. Inception date: 19  April 2021
2. Net Fund return for the Redpoint Australian Equity Income Fund  is after management fee but does not include the value of tax credits earned  
3. Estimated tax credits associated with dividends and other relevant events  earned by Fund's assets
4. Estimated Fund performance after management fee  plus estimated tax credits earned by the Fund's assets
5. Estimated gross  income yield earned by the Fund's assets after fees plus estimated tax  credits relative to the estimated grossed up dividend yield of the  S&P/ASX200 index
6. Estimated Fund return after fees including the  estimated value of tax credits earned relative to the estimated grossed up return of the S&P/ASX200 index.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Fund Disclosure The fund has certain  regular reporting and continuous disclosure obligations pursuant to the  Corporations Act. All continuous disclosure notices are available at

See for more information  about the Redpoint Australian Equity Income Fund.