Redpoint / Generation Life Tax Effective Australia Share Fund

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Redpoint / Generation Life Tax Effective Australia Share Fund

Strategy Facts


Aims to provide long-term tax effective total returns, with diversification across a broad range of Australian companies and industries.


S&P/ASX200 Accumulation Index


Australian Shares 90-100%, Cash 0-10%



Number of Stocks


Inception Date

6th May 2019

Consultancy Ratings

Further Information

For further information including performance, unit trust prices, forms and applications please visit the Generation Life Tax Effective Australian Share Fund (UF35) section of the Generation Life Website.

The Redpoint / Generation Life Tax Effective Australia Share Fund provides the investor with a diversified exposure to Australian equities, targeting long term capital growth. The strategy is offered within the structure of the Generation Life Investment Bond Structure, an investment solution that is designed to provide tax effective returns for saving outside of superannuation.

Tax is often the biggest cost for investors and therefore tax awareness is critical when maximising investments return. Managing after tax outcomes without adding additional risk is the key to deliver superior after-tax returns to Australian investors.

The strategy offers multiple benefits for those seeking an Australian equities investment outside of superannuation.  

  • tax effective alternative to superannuation, without the lock up periods
  • A diversified Australian equities exposure utilising Redpoint’s multiple stock selection perspectives and tax aware portfolio construction capabilities
  • Low cost and lower relative volatility alternative to actively managed Australian share funds

To find out why how we manage tax outcomes effectively, click on the below link the fund’s brochure

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